We Create Wealthy Contractors (Here’s Proof)

Recently, our own Richard Begalla was a guest on the Wealthy Contractor Podcast by G Four Marketing and Brian Kaskavalciyan. Brian routinely interviews the best and brightest in our industry, and this episode makes us especially proud.

Richard extolls the principles that have been driving WDUSA to the #3 spot nationally, and have made his own store (Window Depot Youngstown) into a powerhouse.


In this episode, you’ll discover:

– How to challenge market expectations on pricing for your home improvement business

– What culture REALLY means and how it plays a role in your company’s success

– A method for designing your own success

– The difference between planned growth and just absorbing market demand (and who could potentially get hurt in the process if you’re not careful)

– A tip for pivoting as the economy shifts


Many of you are working to grow a successful replacement window business, so I ask you… Why do this alone?

Want to benefit from supportive peers and a world-class organization dedicated to your success?  Let’s talk about securing your territory.


Here’s to your success!

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PS – If you’re reading this blog, chances are that you’re a home improvement entrepreneur.  So my question:  Why do this alone?

Why not join a group of like-minded people that share ideas and best practices, that negotiate together and help one another generate leads?  And there’s so much more!  I hope you’ll explore our website further.


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Becoming a Window Depot USA dealer means access to high quality products, at nationally negotiated prices.  Our motto of "National Strength, Local Service" isn't just a catch phrase.  Imagine being able to offer homeowners in your area the very best value available, because of your acquisition price.  Learn more about our products.

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When you join Window Depot USA, you'll be supported by a strong corporate team that is vested in your success.  We offer training and support in nearly every aspect of your business.  From Marketing & Sales to Operations and Finance.  We're here to help you succeed, at every level.  Learn more about our Support.

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Window Depot USA is an official Licensing Program.  What does that mean?  It means that unlike a franchise, we don't charge huge up front fees, and we don't take a portion of your company profits.  Instead, we act as a buying co-op...allowing you to put more money into your marketing, sales and bottom lineLearn more about our Approach.

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