The Great Mysteries of Digital Marketing for Home Improvement Contractors…Explained!  (Sort of.)


Digital Marketing is a topic that we hear, see and think about almost daily.  It seems to dominate the marketing conversations we have these days, and in my opinion, it maintains the #1 spot on the marketing anxiety list for most of us.


Digital Marketing (DM) induces both excitement and fear, for several reasons:


  1. We are constantly bombarded by DM companies with solicitations, evaluations, statistics, acronyms, promises and proposals. Hello, information overload.
  2. Most of us certainly don’t have a background in DM, or enough experience to truly evaluate our options, even our results. Hello, flying blind.
  3. The entire DM space continues to evolve and expand at an incredible pace. The options available, the terminology, the connections between our profiles and devices and how people find our information.  Just when we think we’re getting a handle on things, the new things are “hot”.
  4. And we’ve all heard stories of both success, and failure with digital marketing campaigns. Who can we trust?  What data is real?  Who shot JFK?


So how is a home improvement business owner supposed to navigate this ocean of information?  How are we supposed to know where to start?  And how are we supposed to feel confident that we’re making the right investment(s)?

There is only one answer that is both honest and applicable:  It’s complicated.


My goal in this series of posts is not to explain digital marketing as an authority of an expert, because I am neither.

My goal is to twofold:

  1. To break down the various components of digital marketing into small bite-sized chunks.
  2. To explain those chunks in a way that is easy to absorb, relates directly to what we do, and allows you to make better decisions moving forward.


Here are some of the questions I get, routinely, about Digital Marketing:

  • What is SEO?
  • Is SEO the same as SEM?
  • How do I advertise on Facebook?
  • How do I start email marketing?


But the tougher questions, are ones like THIS:

  • What’s the best company to hire?
  • How much should I spend?
  • Will it work?
  • Should I be doing it now?
  • How many leads will I get?
  • Where should I actually be spending my time/focus?
  • Where do I start?


You see, it’s one thing to take the core concepts and components of digital marketing and break them down, and to explain them in a language that we can all understand and utilize.  That gives us a necessary foundation.


But it’s quite another thing to take that subject matter and start making strategic (planning) and tactical (action) decisions with it.

These decisions require a more in-depth understanding of the variables at play…within the world of digital marketing, but more importantly, within your business.


You know why?  It’s complicated.


Just like everything else you’ve encountered on this wonderful entrepreneurial journey that you’re on.

So buckle up, buttercup.  And stay tuned for the next email and/or blog post.


We’re going to do our best to break these things down, and related them directly to how they can benefit YOUR home improvement business.





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