More powerful than the media, our politicians or any virus…


WOW…May is already upon us. Can you believe it?

Time continues to have little regard for the challenges we face, for the milestones we pass, or for the dreams we’ve yet to realize. It just keeps marching forward, and there’s not a damn thing we can do about it.

Well… There is one thing.

We can DECIDE.

We can decide where to focus our thoughts, our energy, and most importantly…our gratitude.

As I begin this week, I can say with confidence that I’ve never had a more difficult time to reign in my focus…in 25+ years in this business. These historical events have created so many variables to contend with, that it can be hard to choose the direction of my attention. And I know this is probably the same for all of you.

We’re dealing with cash flow, modified consumer behavior, government restrictions and an unknown business environment both short term and long term. And that’s just in our businesses! On top of that, we have children home from school, physical health fears and family members being furloughed.

It can seem a bit overwhelming.

But you know what, there is one thing that we can all do: DECIDE

We can decide where to focus our thoughts, our energy, and most importantly…our gratitude.

Yeah, yeah, you can roll your eyes all you want. Hear me out.

The decisions that we are all making, at this very moment, have more to do with our eventual outcomes…than does any news/media outlet, any politician, or any virus (human or pathogen).

Where you decide to focus your thoughts and energy, is where your thoughts and energy will go…and when that place is built on a vision of opportunity and action, there is nothing that can stop you.


Here are some of the things I’m focused on:
1. What can we do right now, to generate more leads and opportunities.
2. What are we working on, right now, that will make our company stronger.
3. How do we use this point in time, these events before us, to gain market share?

Notice…this is far different than things like this:
1. What’s going to happen today?
2. When will this be over?
3. Did you see the latest poll numbers?


When I focus on opportunities, my ‘to do list’ gets a lot simpler. I’m able to prioritize. I’m able to find gratitude, and I’m able to find an energy to attack this day, and this week…and this whole eff’d up year.


There’s an interesting mental phenomenon called ‘confirmation bias’. We all do this, whether we realize it or not. Confirmation bias is the tendency that we have, to look for (and find) information that confirms or strengthens our own beliefs.

Simply, and I believe appropriately stated for this time in our lives:
If you believe this is a time of unprecedented hardship…then you will see the signs of that hardship all around you. But if you believe this is a time of unprecedented opportunity…then you will see those signs, everywhere.


Here are some opportunities that I see:

We are already seeing some very interesting dynamics in the marketplace. About a week and half ago…leads started to pick up. People are spending more time than ever before…at home…and they’re thinking about those improvements that they’ve talked about, but never started.

There seems to be a very logical pattern that is about to happen:
– As the economy “opens back up”, and people become less paralyzed by fear…activity will increase.
– As activity increases, so too may the spread of coronavirus, causing another surge in cases.
– People and businesses will retract once again. Hopefully, this time, in a less dramatic fashion.
– Then cases will come down, new therapies will continue to roll out, and people will start to venture out even more.
– Then…REPEAT.

I’m in no position to predict what’s going to happen, but this up-and-down pattern seems logical, at least to me. The economy isn’t going to just go back to normal. There is going to be caution, reaction, over-reaction, etc… It’s a cycle.

And you know what? This will all keep people at home this year, more than they’ve ever been. Focusing on those old, drafty windows!

Let’s not focus on smaller lead counts, let’s focus on getting a larger % of all the leads available. This can be a time when we all GROW market share.


We have an opportunity, right now, to create partnerships that are not only more sustainable, but that can help ALL our partners in ALL geographies.

Mark my words, friends…virtual selling is here to stay. There are people, right now, requesting virtual appointments. And we have dealers, right now, selling jobs online.

What we once thought would be a gradual consumer evolution, has been fast-tracked to the front of people’s minds. And we’re honing our skills, every day.

Will virtual appointments fade somewhat as society opens up more? Of course.

But will there still be people interested in this type of appointment? Of course.

Will virtual appointments instantly close at a rate as high as in-person leads? Of course not.

Will that trend continue? Of course not.

Not only will we be investing time and resource into the tools necessary to close virtually at a high rate, but these opportunities represent a new frontier. They will unlock opportunities we never had before, and they will give us an efficiency that we’ve never had.

We’ll find the balance…and Window Depot USA is determined to stay at the forefront of this movement.


The market WILL shrink this year. And there will be more installation help available.

The market WILL shrink this year, and you WILL lose some competitors.

We’ve had 15 inquiries for WDUSA partnerships in the last two weeks. These uncertain times are making people think:

Maybe there IS strength in numbers.
Maybe I CAN benefit from being part of a group.
Maybe sharing ideas IS a good thing.



My job is to see this opportunity, and capitalize on it.

Just as it is your job…to see the opportunities in front of you.


Decide where you will focus your thoughts, and your energy. And your gratitude.

Right now.


I want someone to contact me, right now!

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