I Must Be Incredibly Stupid…

I must be incredibly stupid…because I’m clearly missing something.

I just got done reading some industry forecast information from the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard.  You know, a pretty well respected source of information for our industry.

I’ll list direct links to this information below, for your own viewing, but here’s what is making me shake my head:

The headline was this:  Impacts of Pandemic Change Market Predictions.

The sub-headline was this:  Early Evidence Suggests an Abrupt Change in Remodeling Market

These headlines are followed by graphs that show forecasts through the first quarter of 2021.  What they show is that instead of an expected 3.9% growth in remodeling, they’re now forecasting a 1.2% decline.

So what am I missing?

Yes…that’s a change of 5.1% DOWN from original estimates.  Is that “abrupt”…I suppose.

But you’re telling me that I should be worried because the market is going to drop off 1.2% from previous year?


What am I missing?

Do you really think that with “only” $322 BILLION in quarterly remodeling expenditures, I can’t grow my business?

Do you really think that I can’t go out there and take market share?

Do you really think that I didn’t expect to hear that remodeling might be off 20%, 30%, 40%???

Someone help me out.  Tell me I’m missing something.

Tell me this isn’t a gigantic beacon of opportunity, illuminating these seemingly darkened COVID seas.

Tell me this doesn’t show the resiliency of the American market.

Tell me that this isn’t proof that we are stronger than the media assumes.

Tell me I can’t, and won’t, make this an incredible year.

Tell me.

I dare you.





I want someone to contact me, right now!

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I want someone to contact me, right now!