Here’s Why You Should Write A Business Plan

If you’re a small business entrepreneur, the concept of a business plan might seem a bit formal…or perhaps unnecessary. You might think that it’s only really necessary for things like getting a loan or finding investors.

You’re wrong.

Creating a business plan is more than just creating a nice booklet or presentation to give to a banker. What a business plan is, or SHOULD BE…is a summary of the most critical points about your business. A good business plan eliminates the fluff, and gets right to the point.

So here’s why I think that YOU should create a business plan, right now.

  1. If you can’t find the words or information to prepare the basic sections of a business plan, you probably don’t know your business. And that’s not a good sign.
  2. Creating a business plan will help bring you personal clarity to your goals, your market, your competition and your unique value prosposition. It is a great exercise in self-reflection.
  3. Once created…your business plan will help you articulate your vision. Maybe to investors, maybe to banks, maybe to members of your team, and maybe…well, probably, to yourself.


So where do you start?

I’m glad you asked. We’ve prepared a one-page document that will help you focus your thoughts, and essentially create a business plan…in about 20 minutes.

You can click on the links below and get it for free.

I hope it helps.



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