We Can Help You Find Success, Freedom & Fulfillment

Building a successful home improvement business can be extremely rewarding.  The freedom to control your own destiny, to build wealth and stability for your family, and the ability to truly serve the people in your community by improving their homes.  But it can also be very challenging.  Why do it alone?  Let Window Depot USA help you to navigate your way to a successful, sustainable, and sellable organization.


Quite simply…we’re a home improvement franchise, without the franchise.

Our network of independently owned and operated business partners have banded together to leverage our knowledge, buying power and marketing scale.  We are an official licensing program.

ENTREPRENEURS:  This is your opportunity to start your very own replacement window business, with help from the ground up.

REMODELERS:  This is your opportunity to add a quality product and world-class support to your organization.

The Right Products

Becoming a Window Depot USA dealer means access to high quality products, at nationally negotiated prices.  Our motto of "National Strength, Local Service" isn't just a catch phrase.  Imagine being able to offer homeowners in your area the very best value available, because of your acquisition price.  Learn more about our products.

The Right Approach

Window Depot USA is an official Licensing Program.  What does that mean?  It means that unlike a franchise, we don't charge huge up front fees, and we don't take a portion of your company profits.  Instead, we act as a buying co-op...allowing you to put more money into your marketing, sales and bottom lineLearn more about our Approach.

The Right Plan

Our market philosophy is simple:  Provide more VALUE than any other company in the marketplace.  How?  By delivering high quality products, at prices that are fair and reasonable.  Window Depot USA is NOT a low-price advertiser (often a bait and switch).  Window Depot USA is NOT a company that believes in getting "all we can get" on every sale (like some national brands).  Instead, we're selling at prices that are fair to the homeowner, but allow our dealers to build a profitable, sustainable and sellable organization.

The Right Support

When you join Window Depot USA, you'll be supported by a strong corporate team that is vested in your success.  We offer training and support in nearly every aspect of your business.  From Marketing & Sales to Operations and Finance.  We're here to help you succeed, at every level.  Learn more about our Support.

I want someone to contact me, right now!

Hi, my name is Ed Kalaher, and I want to thank you for taking just a few minutes to learn more about Window Depot USA.  We’ve launched  this website to answer the most common questions we receive about our program.  But I also want to tell you a bit about our philosophy.

Window Depot USA is more than just a network, or a buying group…it’s an organization made up of individual contractors and entrepreneurs that want to band together and build something special.  We believe in serving homeowners, providing more value than any company in the marketplace, and creating businesses that are long term assets.

We have a team dedicated to helping you, every day, in the areas of marketing, sales, design, Internet technologies, customer service, finance and more.

My purpose…is to help you build a better business.  My purpose is to help you become a better leader.  My purpose is to help you build wealth.  My purpose, and my passion, is to help you find fulfillment by leveraging your replacement window business to serve others.

I truly believe that we have constructed the very finest replacement window dealership program available, anywhere…and at any time in the history of this industry.  Bold Claim?  Perhaps…  But I’d LOVE to have that conversation with you (and I welcome the debate).  🙂

Check out the site, and contact me at any time.  (330) 333-2430   [email protected]