Behold: The TRIANGLE
Did you know that triangles are the strongest shape found in nature?


Nearly every day I’m asked: What’s the most important thing to growing my window business? 

And before I tell you my answer, let me give you the following disclaimers:

1. I certainly don’t know any more than any of you…but I do have the privilege of being able to have many, many conversations…and see many, many points of views, strategies, etc…

2. I think my answer applies to ANY business.

That said, here is my answer:

The KEY to growing your business is perfectly displayed by the TRIANGLE.

Did you know that triangle are the strongest shape found in nature?  They are the strongest because any applied force (outside pressure) is evenly spread through all three sides.  The pressure is balanced through all three sides.  And your business too, must be balanced.

There are THREE FACTORS that will determine the success (or failure) of your business…and you must balance these FACTORS.


Would you like to know what these THREE FACTORS are?

Would you like to explore these THREE FACTORS in more depth, discuss examples and how they apply to your existing business?

You’re in luck…because I know a place where home improvement professionals gather to discuss the TRIANGLE STRATEGY and make each other better.