Are you taking full advantage of the POWER of trusted referrals?
I mean…are you REALLY capitalizing on this outrageous opportunity?

Well…if you’re like me, you’ll immediately answer “yes, of course”.  But then when you start to think about it, your answer might change to “well…most of the time”.

And then…as the day moves on, you may start thinking to yourself “I KNOW I should be focusing more on referrals.  I just get caught up in projects and sometimes forget my follow up process.  I know I’m leaving a lot of business on the table.  OK…time to get re-focused.”

Sound familiar?

“A trusted referral is the Holy Grail of advertising.”

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO

Here are 10 tips for Referral Success:


1. Make the referral request an ABSOLUTE in your process.  It is NEVER acceptable for YOU or your Sales Personnel to “forget” to ask for a referral.


2. Do not ask for a referral when presenting a bill.  Use your post-job follow up inspection.


3. Ask for the referral after your client gives you a compliment.


4. Have and Practice a SCRIPT.  Need one?  Try this, it’s simple:

“You know John & Mary…I’m truly grateful that we were able to earn your business, and I’m proud to hear that you’re so pleased with our company.  In fact, we’ve built our business largely by word-of-mouth advertising.  It is the most valuable thing our clients can do to help us.

Do you happen to know anyone who may be looking to replace their windows?”


5. Do NOT be afraid to ask for referrals.  People will only refer you if you DESERVE it.  So if you’re SERVING your clients…you have nothing to fear.


6. Introduce the topic of referrals EARLY in the sales process.  Set the mental stage.


7. NEVER provide job discounts without making referrals a condition.


8. Make sure to follow up with new clients in 30 days to ask for morereferrals (regardless if they gave you one the first time).


9. Remind your previous customers of any referral incentives you have via monthly email blasts and social media.


10. Consider providing sales personnel with a “self-gen” spiff if they generate referral leads from previous customers.


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