Most people know about Twitter.

Some of you even use Twitter.

But many of you, don’t really know how or why you should be using Twitter.

My opinion comes in two parts, which I’ll outline below:
1. Business Use – (semi-important, just be careful of…)
2. Personal Use – here are some suggestions to really get some juice out of Twitter.


Many people ask me if they should have their remodeling business on Twitter.  My answer is usually this:  Sure, just don’t spend tooo much time worrying about it.

What?  Not worry about Twitter?  But I thought the future is social media marketing, and if I don’t do it, my business is going to die???

Yes, digital marketing needs to be an integral part of your lead generation methods going forward, and to ignore it is a mistake.  But the key lies in where you spend your time.  The key lies in a good return on your marketing investment.

Be careful not to spend too much energy (mental or physical), worrying about your Twitter content strategy.

You must spend your time on those marketing vehicles which produce the greatest return.  And for home improvement companies, Twitter is simply low on the list.

Now I’m not saying this won’t change in the future.  But for now, your digital marketing efforts are better spent developing a large Facebook following, and performing some sort of monthly routine to help you advance your Google search rank.

To make Twitter at least a viable part of your strategy, without spending too much time on it…I suggest the following:

1. Tie your email marketing campaign to your Twitter account.  This will simply post any e-newsletter / blast that you send your customers, right to your Twitter feed.

2. Connect your twitter account to any Facebook ads that you post.

3. Copy / Paste any Facebook posts, directly to your Twitter.

These three things will at least give your Twitter feed a little content, in case a prospect follows you.  And you won’t waste valuable time & energy.

Remember: As an entrepreneur, you MUST be strategic with your time.


Now, I use the word “personal”, knowing full well that as small business owners…the line is often blurry.  But I think you’ll see what I mean.

In my opinion, the greatness of Twitter lies in our ability to curate a powerful stream of information, quickly and efficiently into our mind…each and every day.

And here’s the most important word in that last sentence: CURATE.

Unlike our Facebook feeds (which are becoming less and less attractive, to me), a Twitter feed is mostly made up of just those you follow.  It is distinctly different than seeing our “friends”.  There aren’t really Twitter ‘friends’…there are people and companies and causes that we choose to hear from.

So you can create an amazing list of Twitter accounts that will add value to your life, and your business.

I’ll repeat:  You can create an amazing list of Twitter accounts that will add value to your life, and your business.

Each morning, I scroll my Twitter feed.  And because I’ve filled that feed with positive sources of information and inspiration…it never fails to spark an idea, or to encourage me to stay focused on the tasks before me.

I encourage you to give it a try.

Below, I’ve suggested a few accounts that you might want to consider.

Selling & Influence – Never stop learning about influence.  It is everything.

Marketing – Perspectives from people who NEVER stop marketing.

Business & Mindset – Fill your mind with positive messages about business and leadership.

Industry Names & News – Stay in touch with the industry.

Suppliers – The more you stay in touch with your suppliers, the better.

And oh yeah…follow your competition!


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